Design II Color Kit for Art 122

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Charlie’s will have your kit ready for on-campus pick-up beginning January 6th or, if the kit you ordered is ready for earlier pick-up, Charlie’s will contact you. For on-campus in-store purchases, the kits will be available beginning January 6th. This product is for on-campus in-store pick-up only; no shipping available. This kit is sold as non-returnable. Discounts cannot be applied to this item. Items in the kit cannot be separated for individual sale.


During the term, you may need to replenish a kit item. Your instructor has identified items for Charlie’s to carry a limited supply in-store as a convenient and affordable option for students. Please visit the Drawing, Film and Art Supplies section for additional items.


Each kit includes

  • Two Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Cadmium Yellow Hue 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-4355
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Dioxazine Purple 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-6025
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Ivory Black 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-2255
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Phthalocyanine Blue 5oz Tube. Item number: 01654-5165
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Quinacridone Red 5oz Tube. Item number: 01654-3275
  • Two Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Titanium White 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-1015
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Cadmium Orange Hue 5oz Tube. Item number: 01654-4545
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Brilliant Green 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-7255
  • One Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint Naphthol Crimson 5 oz Tube. Item number: 01654-3225
  • Two Blick Studio Disposable Palette Pad, 50 Sheets 9" x 12". Item number: 03063-2023
  • One Blick Studio Synthetic Brushes, Set of 4 Brushes. Item number: 05397-1001
  • One Blick Painter's Tape 1" x 60 Yds. Item number: 24146-1060
  • One Blick Palette Knives by RGM Style 132, 3/4" x 5". Item number: 03117-1132
  • One X-Acto #1 Knife Set No. 51. Item number: 57450-0051